Industrial Control Systems (PLC's)

Special machinery for assembly lines.

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Industrial Automation

Logic control systems for industrial and commercial machinery are constructed with programmable logic controllers (PLCs).Logic controllers may respond to switches, light sensors, pressure switches, etc., and can cause the machinery to start and stop various operations. Logic systems are used to sequence mechanical operations in many applications. PLC software can be written in many different ways – ladder diagrams, SFC, etc.. 

Bosh Rexroth Indralogic PLC systems, based on a uniform platform from the PC, over the controller and to the drive, set new standards for open and flexible automation. In conjuction with Rexroth's Indracontrol platform and the innovative Indraworks engineering framework, users get customized PLC systems for their automation concepts, from the smallest controllers all the way up to robotics and process control applications.


Automotive manufacturers are making fundamental changes to their production and assembly plants in order to better satisfy increasing demand for custom-ordered features and options. Scalable solutions and cutting-edge technology provide the perfect foundation for integrating machines and assembly lines quickly.

Electrical design with E-Plan

E-plan offers electrical engineering design software that provides innovative options for the planning, documentation and management of electrical design projects.